time flies man

Man does time fly by! Junior year is already over )’: Although I’m happy all the test taking for junior year is over, I’m sad that the school year is over. Junior year was my most exciting and productive year. I also learned several things. Especially in my AP Language and Composition class. I learned … More time flies man

dole whip!

So good! My family and I went to Hawaii a few years ago. Home of the pineapples! We went to the Dole plantation which is where pineapples are grown. It was really cool! We rode on a train through the plantations to see how they’re grown and what they look like during the process. They … More dole whip!

food waste

Many of us have wasted food at least some time in our lives. It’s something that us humans do when we no longer have the longing for food.  Many of us waste when it’s unnecessary, such as milk.  The expiration date on cartons of milk are most of the time not the actual expiration date. … More food waste


The best part of traveling is food! This sashimi (raw fish) platter was absolutely delicious ^-^ It was one of the best sushi restaurants I have went to in Vietnam.  Salmon sashimi is my favorite because has a smooth texture and it just melts in your mouth! In the picture above, the salmon in the … More sashimi!!

new americana

Now that Trump is our president, more of the laborers have to leave and preventing any of Mexicans from coming into the country.  Currently, there are less laborers for the farmers to hire so they are losing money.  This “will free up more jobs for American-born workers and push up their wages” (Mohan).  It’s so ironic … More new americana


This was so good!! French toast with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and almonds. All of my favorite toppings on my favorite breakfast dish! It’s not traveling if you don’t eat!! What’s your favorite breakfast dish?


What’s a zine you ask?  I asked myself the same question when I first heard the word.  I believe it is anything you want it to be.  It is a masterpiece of your ideas, thoughts, and opinions into one little booklet.  Or a big one if you wish.  Ever since I discovered this zine concept, … More amaZINE