time flies man

A random photograph I took in Vietnam. It looks cool because of the streak of light that represents the time flying by (;

Man does time fly by! Junior year is already over )’: Although I’m happy all the test taking for junior year is over, I’m sad that the school year is over. Junior year was my most exciting and productive year. I also learned several things. Especially in my AP Language and Composition class. I learned educational things as well as life lessons.  I learned that time flies, communication, making a change, different genres and techniques of writing in books, the discovery of my career, living like an actual teen, and that it’s not just about writing essays. I have many strengths and weaknesses that I had discovered in this English class.

My strengths as a writer are descriptions of events and people in which I have encountered with. I think I am strongest in descriptive essays because writing about someone whom you are close with, makes it easier for yourself to describe them. Since you’re so close to that person, you’d know everything about them. I did way better on my descriptive essay than I did on my argument and narrative essays. In argument essays, I tend to change my claims a lot and diverge from my initial claim in the beginning of the essay. In narrative essays, I tend to write in a very colloquial manner, and it’s not always a good thing to do because it seems like I don’t know very advanced vocabulary and it makes the essay too casual. I also change verb tenses a lot throughout my essays and don’t keep them constant, but I have gotten better at that throughout the year. I have also improved in not using so much repetition. Activities that have helped me the most in my development as a writer are reading outside sources and writing about them in my SQUID book and doing writing workshops after each zero draft essay we write. They have helped me discover my weaknesses and strengths as a writer and have taught me how to be a better writer through many techniques.


So we started reading Catcher in the Rye this year and it’s by far my favorite book! It’s very very colloquial and Holden sounds so much like an overcomplicated teenager. Like me! And it has the answer to the question I had at the beginning of the book! How does your tone affect your expression of words while communicating? This question is answered through Holden’s conversation with Sally. Holden’s tone towards Sally is excited, loud, and childish. It makes Sally very annoyed and realistic because Holden is kind of acting like a child telling Sally he’s gonna do all these things with her like getting married and moving to another place. His tone affects his expression of words because it makes his words very immature and obnoxious to Sally. Holden continues to turn away from adult responsibilities and wants to run away from them rather than confront them like a mature adult.

While taking this AP Language class, I’ve grown mentally and physically. I’ve always had a fear of public speaking. I was always scared of speaking of my opinion to others, afraid that they would judge me. However, after this class, I’ve grown out of my fear and have become comfortable with talking about my opinion to others. I’ve learned that if I never tell others my opinions and thoughts, I’ll never achieve what I believe in and would constantly live under instruction and conservatism. I’ve also learned that there is more to English than just writing essays. We read the best American classic novels to analyze how they write and what techniques they use that make them a great author. We read them to improve ourselves as writers and readers. To improve our vocabulary, grammar, techniques of writing, and integration of thoughts. By reading these American classics, we’ve also shaped our own technique of writing.

A photograph I took of a bridge on Con Dao Island, Vietnam.

When we did our college project, it helped me pave the path I plan to take towards my dream college and career. Before this, I had no idea what I wanted to do or go after high school. I felt very clueless and anxious because I was afraid that I wasn’t going to know what I wanted to do until much later. After creating the college portfolio, I really felt like I had my plans together for college. It made me realize what I wanted to major in and what career I wanted to pursue in. After doing much research about the colleges and majors, I finally know where and what I want to do during and after college. My priorities, as of right now, are to make senior year the best year of high school, take classes in order to start the path of a psychiatrist, and get into a college that specializes in the psychology and neuroscience departments. To be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do nor what college I wanted to go to. I was always following what my parents had told me to do. Become a doctor, get a lot of money, and help the family out with medical expenses. My goals did not turn out how I thought because my goals constantly change. Initially, I wanted to go into biology to become a pediatrician. Then I wanted to take sociology instead so I can learn about our society and its deepest issues. Now, I’ve changed my mind to become a psychiatrist. I think it really suits me. With former experience of emotional illnesses, I feel like I am able to encounter others’ feelings very well. Although I’ve had issues with myself, I think it’s a great way of really knowing how your patient feels other than learning about the brain and behavior of humans in school. It was a big surprise because 3 years ago, I never would’ve thought I’d want to be a psychiatrist. Nowadays, with more kids struggling and suffering from emotional and mental illnesses, I think it’s necessary to have more psychologists and psychiatrists so we can understand children on a more personal level and help our society understand why teens are acting the way they are. Which relates back to Catcher in the Rye. We were not able to understand why Holden acted the way he did until he told us what his true emotions and thoughts were towards other people in the story. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.56.56 PM.png
A cover I made for a zine that my group and I created. IT’S PRETTY AWESOME!!

My group and I made a zine on the environmental problems we had in the world. Being an AP Biology student, I was definitely interested in this topic because I’m very concerned about our marine life! This was a way that I could have my voice heard without having to actually talk in front of a bunch of people. Not only did I do research on environmental issues for this project, but after this project, I did some research on my own to see what solutions could be done to solve these problems. I believe more people should be concerned with the pollution of our ocean and environmental issues because it might not seem like it’s affecting us now, but sooner or later it will! In the ocean, there are microplastics and and nanoplastics that many fish consume. With the accumulation of pollutants and plastics being consumed by fish and marine animals, there will soon be an increase in those plastics and pollutants in our bodies, which could potentially kill us if we don’t watch out! After doing this project, it has helped me with my communication skills, improved my collaboration techniques, my writing, and creative thinking skills. This whole class has done that for me! English is not just all about essays, because they don’t much besides show how much and how well you can write in an hour. They don’t show your communication, collaboration, nor creative thinking skills. In an English class, it’s not just the teacher’s job to teach how to write, but how to collaboratively write, creatively write, and to freely write.  I believe that without the communication and collaborative skills, it’s almost impossible to get where you want to be because if you never say what you want to say, it’ll never happen.



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