food waste

Photo from United States Department of Agriculture©.

Many of us have wasted food at least some time in our lives. It’s something that us humans do when we no longer have the longing for food.  Many of us waste when it’s unnecessary, such as milk.  The expiration date on cartons of milk are most of the time not the actual expiration date.  This leads to the waste of good milk that could go out to those in need. There are certain states that require stores to throw out milk that says it has “expired”.  Additionally, many customers assume that the sell by date is the expiration date, which is usually a week after they buy the milk. We have to educate our people before we run out of resources to live!  We can do this by changing the labels and putting correct expiration dates that are scientifically tested. Most of the expiration dates are put on just because and not actually correct. This is not only giving customers wrong information about what they’re eating or drinking, but also increases the amount of food waste each year. Just like nutritional facts and ingredients, they have to put accurate information about the product before selling them.


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