our ocean

A photo I took in the marine life exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C.

Our oceans are full of marine life.  Sometimes, many of us don’t realize how much we’re polluting the environments of the ocean animals.  This has become a terrible habit of ours and I hope we use our technological advances to prevent this.  We think that we have so much superiority over the animals that we have looked down on them and not care for them, when they are also part of the life of Earth.  We are not the only life living on this Earth, we should share this life and environment that the world has provided for us.  It is a shame that we are killing off our, who was once billions of years ago, our ancestors.  We all started off as fish and animals that lived in the water.  Those marine animals evolved into reptiles, mammals, primates, then us. We should learn to appreciate these precious animals more because they are more related to us than you think.


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