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I’ve written about travel the most because it’s what I enjoy most and it’s a hobby of mine.  I love traveling and writing about it!

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The SQUID elements I’ve used the most is “Delight” because travel brings me delight! I love writing things that I think would delight myself and others also.

I’ve noticed that I’ve written about travel the most because it is a passion and hobby that I have pursued in since I was little.  I was born in California, but then moved to Texas where my two little sisters were born.  After that, we moved to Vietnam and stayed there for four to five years due to my parents’ work.  We have traveled to many countries throughout my childhood because my parents often travel for their work also.  Traveling has been a big part of my life and hopefully will be for the rest of my life!  I’ve also noticed that I write a lot about “Delight”.  It’s because writing topics that delight me are good.  I mean what good does it do when you write something that doesn’t delight you?

In one of my old posts, “second home“, I talked about my four to five year stay in Vietnam when I was a little girl.  It really was my second home, I had grown up there, made new friends, neighbors, and learned quite a few life lessons.  But it helped me adapt to foreign environments which had aided me during my trips to other foreign countries.  The experience in Vietnam was not pretty, but it was definitely beneficial.  I have learned a great amount of the Vietnamese language and Vietnamese culture and traditions that our family still uses.  The moments of delight that has continued to interest me are when I’m traveling.  When I lived in Vietnam, I was in a whole new world.  The life in America was so different than the life in Vietnam.  I could talk so much about the life I had in Vietnam.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience.


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