to play or not to play

Picture from Google by Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0)

Children nowadays are smarter than ever, but are they enjoying themselves?  Are they getting the childhood they were meant to have?  In Peter Gray’s Ted Talk, “The Decline of Play“, he talked about how children are not getting enough of their play time and are getting less and less innovative and creative.  They have become more narcissistic, depressed, and anxious throughout the years.  They do not play outside in the streets like they used to anymore.  Children now rely on iPads and electronics to play games.  Real play is slowly degrading and it’s making children rely more on adults to make decisions.  Back then, real play was when children went outside to play without the parents worrying and they would explore and obtain skills to get to adulthood.  Now, children rely on their parents more than ever to make decisions and to do everything for them because they don’t know how.


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