“notes on the upper muddle”

©Lorenzo Gritti for The New York Times

What is it that divides the population?  The amount of money you have?  Money is either inherited or worked for.  Or in some cases, won.  We are all humans but some humans have more advantages than others.  Survival of the fittest.  In this generation and many before, the only way to survive was to have money, to buy food, clothes, shelter, etc.  Many wealthy people could help the lower class, but decide to use their money on unnecessary luxuries.  The lower class and poverty come from unemployment or lowered wages.  They are unable to survive in this generation due to all the high prices.  Most of those who are in the upper class are white Americans.  There is a very small percentage of white Americans that are in poverty.  This shows that there is still segregation and discrimination out here in the United States.  When will we learn that we are all just humans trying to live healthy and happily?


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