Chinese New Year!!

Last year’s tree during Chinese New Year.

It’s finally the traditional time of the year!!  Chinese New Years!  Five more days! Although my family and I aren’t Chinese, Chinese New Years is still celebrated by all Vietnamese families.  It was a Chinese tradition and now a Vietnamese tradition.  Chinese New Years is different every year.  Last year, it was in February, but this year it’s in January.  Chinese New Years is not about the red envelopes given by parents and adults, it’s about starting the new year with happiness and good fortune in all families. A fresh start where only good fortune will come with hard work and determination.  The red envelopes with money inside is for good luck and fortune.  Usually they are given to children because they are still young.   Traditions we have every year are wearing áo dài, eating bánh chưng, and playing bầu cua cá cọp.  Americans can also celebrate! Chinese New Years is for everyone (^:


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