North Dakota Pipeline Protest

North Dakota Pipeline Protest picture by The New York Times.

So the Fortune 500 company Energy Transfer decided to construct an oil pipeline right next to Missouri river.  There were many Native Americans who were strongly opposed this because they were afraid that the oil pipeline would contaminate the sacred river.  When the Native Americans were crowding near the pipeline construction area, officers and sheriffs had confronted them and told them to leave at once.  When they did not listen, they became violent and started to spray mace at the Native Americans!  This is so wrong in so many ways.  The company does not care if they contaminate and ruin nature.  They’d rather spend $3.78 billion on this project.  I don’t know why the world has come to such a low that all they want is money.  They don’t acknowledge what is surrounding them and that nature is what keeps us alive!  “We’re trying to protect our future,”  one of the Native Americans said. 


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