second home

My home in Vietnam

When my sisters and I first came to Vietnam as little kids, we stayed in a poor district in my grandparents’ house.  We stayed and went to school there for 4-5 years before we came back to the United States.  It wasn’t a very sanitary place and it was full of mosquitoes.  We were sick often and it was bad, so we were sent back to the U.S.  While my sisters and I were going to school in America, after many years of my parents’ hard work in Vietnam, they raised enough money to build a better home in a different district.  It has been our vacation home since 2012-2013.  When we go to Vietnam every summer, Vietnam changes a little.  They’ve become more eco-friendly and sanitary.  They’ve evolved a lot in their food and clothing industry since when we were there and it’s just so amazing how they did that, while keeping their old Vietnamese traditions as well.


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