Boat ride to Monkey Island in Thailand

Sorry for not putting any pictures of monkeys!! I couldn’t find any, but I thought this picture was very nice.  My sisters and I were really young when we went on this Thailand trip, so we don’t remember much about the trip.  My trip to Thailand was a fun new experience.  The spicy food, the wild animals, and the beautiful water.  Also the crowded streets.  You’d be surprised how much more packed they are than New York streets.  Thailand was a place of relaxation and enjoying what’s around you.  I loved the beach and the ocean water.  It wasn’t aqua and it wasn’t turquoise.  It was something that you could not describe with words that exist in the dictionary.  This was one of my very first foreign trips and it started my dream of traveling the whole world discovering new sights and feelings that will soon overwhelm me!


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